The Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 Steam Mop Gets the Job Done! (S3901)

steam mopThe Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 Steam Mop (S3901)! Yes indeed. According to customer feedback and review, the Shark Lift-Away is highly praised for its ability to save you time and power when performing home chores. Just like its name suggests, the Shark Lift Away has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks all at the same time. According to a number of customer reviews, this special steam mop can be used both as a steam cleaner and a handheld cleaner.

The word “Lift” literary means that you can easily lift this handheld device to perform other cleaning tasks like sanitizing your surfaces. The Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop has the ability to clean all types of floors, windows, and steam garments.

I believe most cleaning enthusiasts are asking why the Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 or S3901 is so popular and highly rated in the market. The reason for this is the fact that this steam mop has three settings which help it to tackle different types of floors including the most delicate ones. For delicate floors such as wood and laminate, you can set the gadget at low levels to avoid any damage. In other types of floor surfaces, you can mop with the higher setting to achieve desired results.

Why buy the Shark Lift Away 5 in 1?

This is one of the burning questions which most home owners have been asking over and over. According to MUM’S Survival Guide, the Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Mop has been tested and approved to contain all the necessary accessories required to clean any type of floor surface. Apart from being a stream mop, it has a build-in handheld steamer making it versatile enough to clean all types of floors, windows and countertops.

What makes most customers get attracted to the Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Mop is the ability to use the power of sanitizing steam to kill 99% of all household bacteria without the use of any nasty chemicals and disinfectants.

But, can it deliver on these claims? Well, to be honest, yes! According to most customers’ feedback, the Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 is much more reliable than cheaper steam mops available in the market. This gadget has a detachable handheld device which sanitizes cooker tops, shelves, cupboards and sinks. It also features a special component to glide over the carpet to freshen it. One thing you need to  understand about the Shark Lift Away is that it doesn’t clean carpets. It only freshen them using a glider to release any smells.


Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 Functionality

S3901Assembling this steamer is very easy. The manufacturer has provided a simple to understand instruction manual which is very easy to follow. Once you’ve assembled the entire unit, you’ll be amazed to discover that its very light and functional.

The water tank and the controls are housed in the steam cleaner’s detachable unit. It has a swivel head that makes it easier to maneuver around the house while cleaning, awkward and hard to reach spaces are the past. The double sided steam pockets enable this steam mop to clean an area twice as compared to similar gadgets on the market.

For effective carpet, tile floor and wood floor cleaning, this steam mop has three settings which include; mop, scrub and dust. With such settings, this machine is capable of rejuvenating carpets and rugs while scrubbing and dusting both kitchen and bathroom floors to give them a fresh and clean feel.

The Lift Away

Although the handheld cleaner was not as efficient as some of the more expensive models in the market, it was found to be a fabulous option when it comes to cleaning curtains and window frames. It comes with a variety of attachments such as; a flat surface scrubber, a direct steam nozzle and a 3.2 foot hose (1 meter).

Another selling point of the Shark Lift Away is the ability to clean grease from kitchen tiles, walls and sinks. With the unit’s garment and upholstery attachments, this gadget can clean windows, bathroom tiles, stairs and doors within a breeze of steam 🙂 .

Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 Accessories

Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket MopHaving been welcomed with a superb Shark rotator lift away review, It comes with a combination of removable accessories which include; a scrubber head, a refilling jug, a carpet glider, a nozzle tool, a brush, a normal head and an extension for the horse.

What makes it the best for home use is the 23 foot (7 meters) long electric cord which enables you to perform all your cleaning chores without having to shift the plug from socket to socket. The Shark lift away is made of light plastic material which weighs a maximum of 6.6 pounds (3 kilo’s). It’s very easy to store, setup and operate making cleaning  simpler than ever before.

Key features of the Shark Steam Mop 5 in 1

The Shark Lift Away Steam Mop has been included in the list of the top best cleaners in most journals. This is due to a number of varied qualities which have been listed by most customers. This section will review some of the best features of this tile floor cleaner.

  • Double sided steam pockets– the Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 has double sided steam pockets which make cleaning a breeze. Unlike other cleaners, this machine has a 300 milliliters water tank which heats up water within 20 seconds to give you enough steam to last you for approximately 30 minutes.
  • A great combination– this steam cleaner comes with a combination of a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer enabling you to clean any type of floor as well as your kitchen walls, curtains, garments and window frames within a breeze.
  • Flat microfiber pads– the Shark lift away professional steam mop comes with machine washable microfiber pads which can be re-used until they’re completely worn out. The newest models of the Shark steam cleaners are available with two extra pads which are aimed to cut costs of purchasing new pads.
  • 3 unique settings– the Shark lift away comes with 3 unique settings- scrub, mop and dust. Each of these settings has been designed to either rejuvenate your carpet, scrub your kitchen floor or steam mop your tile/wood floor to remove stubborn stains.
  • 9 different steamer attachments– one reason why JML is among the leading manufacturers of the steam cleaners is the ability to include multiple attachments all in one unit. With 9 different attachments available in the package, home owners are able to clean almost everywhere without facing any challenges.
  • A swivel head– the swivel head is just perfect. It comes with a reasonable size which enables it to cover a large floor area thus making cleaning a breeze. It’s maneuverable and can easily get round corners, edges and other awkward spaces without a hassle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 Steam Mop

  • The Shark lift away steam mop has a large swivel head which covers a bigger surface area when cleaning.
  • In addition to the long microfiber filament, this steam mop has a two sided head which makes cleaning a breeze.
  • This machine comes with three variable settings (scrub, mop and dust) making it easier for you to clean the entire household.
  • The swivel heads are intelligently attached giving you a smooth mopping experience.
  • This steam mop removes nearly 99% of all household germs without the use of chemicals.
  • It’s less messy and dries up your floor surface within a minute or less.
  • Sometimes the handheld cleaner loses its steam when tilted upwards. This makes it hard to clean profile areas like toilet rims or ceiling.

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Bottom line

Looking on the Shark lift away 5 in 1, it’s evident that this gadget can do a lot more than just steam cleaning-no doubt it has been considered as the best steam mop in the market. According to research companies such as Good Housekeeping, and MUM’S Survival Guide, this gadget has received an overall rating of 4.2 stars from over 160 verified customers. With 9 different steamer attachments, 3 unique settings, flat microfiber pads, double sided steam pockets and a swivel head, this is the best gadget for people looking for a cheaper alternative for their cleaning needs. Get your hands on the Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop here!



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