BISSELL CLEANVIEW ONEPASS 9595 Review – Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners of 2017

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Then you had the dilemma of not knowing whether to spend your precious minutes preparing yourself or doing some extra like cleaning and adding some extra touches to your home before your guests will arrive?  Well, this kind of situation happens to those who got a lot of things on their plate like their 9 to 5, business meetings, school affairs, gym appointments and other activities. Reality check! Busy schedules means less time for cleaning and other household chores.

Now what happens when you get a random call and a surprise visitor coming in a few minutes? You take a look around and you see cheerios, dust and dirt lying around the house so you decide to take the vacuum cleaner to suck all those clutters up! Too bad it’s not always a walk in the park to carry and manipulate a heavy vacuum cleaner with a cord that’s a bit short to clean hard to reach areas. And let’s not forget the effort of swiping back and forth a hundred times to get those tiny little pieces off the carpet or the couch. Plus the emptying of that big dirt-filled bag makes it a truly effort-demanding task.

So when your guests arrive, you’ll most likely find yourself feeling tired and looking horrendously exhausted from your last-minute cleaning spree 🙂 . I myself had been having those kind of bad times. But worry no more because an innovative and reliable solution is just around the corner. Have you ever heard of the Bissell Cleanview Onepass 9595? Let me tell you more about it and expect a change in your life today as I did when I brought this unit in my home. Finally, I said goodbye to the horrific mess and to the stressed-out look that i have had welcoming my guests.


best bagless vacuum cleaner for tile floorsThe bissell cleanview onepass 9595 is among the best bagless vacuum cleaners on the market today. Imagine going around the house with a lightweight vacuum cleaner and a cord that’s long enough to extend to those hard to reach areas in the kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms especially in the kids’ rooms. Isn’t it wonderful to find a more convenient and efficient way of saving more time cleaning the house? And did you know that this device’s powerful suction can swipe more than the regular vacuum on its initial pass sparing you tons of effort and energy especially in cleaning carpets, stairs and upholstery? Yes, you are correct i really like this unit because it comes with an easy to empty dirt tank and a washable filter. The operational costs of you spending on regular vacuum filters will also start to decrease drastically.

This hoover vacuum cleaner showcases it’s Cyclonic System technology that furnishes the equipment with longevity and powerful suction, giving you years of effective cleaning. This model is one of the lightest in it’s category. It weights in at only 15.1 pounds which makes cleaning a lot easier and more convenient. Take it to the bedroom, take it to the kitchen, take it anywhere in the house, and have your whole home cleaned in a zoom.


  • Has a well-designed brush that can rotate down into carpets to pave way for a better cleaning coverage
  • Has a TurboBrush tool that’s fit for cleaning upholstery, stairs, furniture and more
  • Effective multi-level filtration and a dirt tank that can easily be emptied on all occasions
  • Washable foam tank filter to save on operational costs
  • Great suction capacity and pick up power to suck even the tiniest dirt
  • Convenient attachments and adjustment levels for personal handling and cleaning preference
  • A long 25 foot cord to accommodate further movement for cleaning
  • Makes cleaning less stressful because of the decreased sound compared to regular vacuum cleaners
  • Straightforward to assemble after purchase
  • The rotary brush cannot be turned off even in areas where it is not necessarily needed


bagless vacuum cleaner reviewsThe Bissell Cleanview Onepass 9595  is truly one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners i have ever had. With its lightweight feature, it has made cleaning into a not so time and effort consuming task that everyone usually postponed. The advantage of getting more space cleaned up because of its innovative attachments and brush design makes it more convenient for us. It also saves us valuable energy because of the powerful suction that easily removes even the deeply embedded dirt in those hard to reach areas. And let’s not forget the easy handling and emptying of its dirt tank. Now we can say goodbye to the bulky, dirt-filled sacs that are usually difficult to clean. With the overflowing positive comments from bagless vacuum cleaner reviews.
The Bissell Cleanview Onepass 9595 evidently makes cleaning more powerful and effective, it can give you a better and wider cleaning coverage plus it spares you from the additional operational cost because of its washable foam filter. My experience with this vacuum is great and i could say “life changing experience” in your; of course daily cleaning routines 😀 . Check this vacuum cleaner on Amazon and get a great deal with its reasonable price plus a smooth transaction for your order.

Bissell Cleanview Onepass

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    First time i see this model. I have read lot of good reviews about Bissell. So I should get me one. Thanks!

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      I’m glad you liked the review. Good luck with cleaning!

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