How Do You Clean Hardwood Floors: Must-Know Cleaning Tricks


how do you clean hardwood floorsA lot of people are still in love with the curb appeal of hardwood floors. Most especially the well-maintained ones- all polished up, no dents, no breaks, no stains. No matter how ‘long ago’ types offloors they are, they still manage to ‘WOW’ people. The all-natural scene that they suggest can make any home seem more cozy and light. No matter what the setting, they are still the all-time favorite of most homeowners.

But how can you make the looks longlasting? How do you clean hardwood floors to give them more life? The answer is so simple. The good looks and durability of hardwood floors can actually be maintained with minimal effort. No sweating, no blood-shedding; it’s simply a matter of proper care and maintenance.

Cleaning your hardwood floors regularly is the best maintenance you can do to remove all the dirt and grit from between your floor boards. And now that you know how to keep the glam of your floor, it now comes down on how to clean hardwood floors properly.

Mopping and sweeping. Not the most exciting topic to talk about? But not until you find yourself the owner of floors that always look lifeless. Dull floors can sometimes make your house look filthy and feel disgusting, and if you’re like most people, you probably never really put much thought into whether you’re really mopping them correctly or not. Believe it or not, there is a right way on how to clean hardwood floors.

Now, this little tutorial today is going to give you the tips and tricks on how to clean hardwood floors correctly.


How Do You Clean Hardwood Floors- The Right Cleaning Tools

some-things-you-have-to-know-in-cleaning-hardwood-flooringWhile most people believe that they should wash away the dirt from the hardwood floors, logic and tests would suggest that you avoid using a wet mop which can dull the finish. Instead, sweep the floor with either a dust mop or a broom that features exploded tips. Or if you are really serious of removing those unwanted dirt, there are vacuum cleaners in the market that have powerful sucking and blowing functions which can take even the smallest particle out of the spaces between the wood layers. Using a vacuum with special hardwood floor attachments or one with the beater bar turned off will be very effective.

The Use of Cleaning Agents

Hardwood floors can be a little bit intimidating to clean. You will have to worry about the right chemical cleaner that you should use so you won’t stain or ruin the texture of the wood. The multi-surface cleaning tags never really give us a peace of mind because we are worried that our floors may somehow be different, and that these cleaning products are only specific to pine or something else.

Tip: Straight ammonia, alkaline products or abrasive cleaners will dull or scratch the finish. So never use them.

Trick: If you need to disinfect the floor, a quarter cup of mild or pH-neutral soap added to a bucket of water will be an effective and safe cleaning agent. Never rely on water alone or on vinegar and water solution alone.

The Basic, Regular Care Routine

You can speed up the cleaning process by first dusting the floor with a special mop that has been furnished with a dusting agent designed to pick up dust, dirt, or pet hair that can scratch the floor surface before going to other cleaning routines. A better option is to use vacuum cleaners with special floor-brush attachments designed for wooden floors.

Trick: For a more economical dusting, you can simply use disposable electrostatic cloths or rags with microfibers that are available at grocery and discount stores at inexpensive prices. But of course, it will require you some time and effort to finish cleaning with a rag!

Deeper Cleaning Method

How do you clean hardwood floors with dirt, oil, and grime that build up over time? You can’t actually remove them by simple dust mopping. You will be needing deep cleaning for this one, and it might even require you to use a wood-cleaning product that you can dilute according to the instructions on the product label. Selecting the right type, of course, will spare your floors from damaged texture. Remember, damp-mopping is the proper way of putting cleaning agents and rinsing them off as well. Wipe up any excess liquid because standing water can greatly damage wood surfaces.

Trick: If the weather is humid, turn on a ceiling fan or the air-conditioner to speed up drying.

Proper Removal of Marks

How do you clean hardwood floors with marks on the surface? You have to consider the type of your floor’s finish before making any move.

Clue: If you can see the stain on the surface of the floor, then it probably has a hard finish. But if the stain has penetrated through to the wood spaces, your floor probably has a soft oiled finish which is very common in older homes whose floors have never been refinished and resealed.

Tip: Using steel wool, sandpaper, or strong chemicals in cleaning finished floors can permanently damage the surface of the floor, so never use them. It’s best to get professionals to do this work since taking off marks can be a bit tricky and difficult!

A clean floor is absolutely important for you and your entire family’s health and well-being. Spending a few minutes of your day to tidy up your home shouldn’t pain you. Besides, it feels a lot better rolling on the floor from cuddling with your loved ones when you know that you have a clean, safe floor.

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